Dollars for Dragons 

(Previously known as DIF)


D4D kicks off Tuesday, September 5th, and runs until Friday, September 15th. Our goal is $60,000. The suggested donation is $80 per student, but any amount is appreciated. Please consider contributing to help make our school the best that it can be.


What is D4D?

It is the main fundraiser for our school. It is a cash, check writing, and online contribution campaign, which raises money to put directly back into our school. Please watch for emails, texts, and social media with links to contribute online.


Why D4D?

Direct contributions remove the need for Boosterthon fun runs and cookie dough/wrapping paper “selling” throughout the school year. These forms of fundraisers are operated by companies that typically retain 40-50% of the proceeds. A check writing campaign allows us to retain 100% of the funds raised.


Where does your donation to D4D go?

Each year Deretchin PTO hosts a 9-day fundraiser where we ask the parents to financially support the school by donating funds that are directly invested into this year’s needs. The money is typically used for things like teacher/staff development and appreciation, student access to websites and subscriptions, small group instruction, playground & PE equipment, computer & technical equipment, and much more. This will be our 8th year hosting our own fundraiser and saving the school thousands of dollars by not using fundraising companies that take a large percentage of the donations.


We look forward to a great year and genuinely thank you for your contribution


**Donations are TAX DEDUCTABLE**



Dollars for Dragons Online Donation




Dollars for Dragons (D4D) Flyer


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